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Not just another show and shine! We’re not here to show what you can have done to your vehicle!

We are here to let the industries top manufacturers and service providers showcase and demonstrate the endless options to modifying and customizing your vehicles (street and off road)! The show will aid the consumers in making an educated and effective purchasing decision for their wants and needs. There is no better deal to be had than a show deal!


A collaboration of event team members working in partnership with our sponsors and exhibitors to produce the first ever consumer show of its kind.

Why Attend?

All under one roof, we are providing an opportunity for consumers to connect with businesses in a comfortable platform for making their buying decisions. Rather than feeling the pressure of walking into a sales show room, patrons can shop amongst 120,000 sq ft of service providers. Not just shop, but educate themselves on the best fit for their needs at our vendor booths or at one of our show seminars.

Why We Are Producing The Show?

Vehicles are typically the second largest consumer purchase in ones life, next to real estate. Vehicle’s, like many investments require maintenance and ongoing work over the duration of it’s life time. Vehicle owners spend thousands of dollars a year on required maintenance and that is not to mention the dollars spent on modifications and customizing. You wouldn’t go out in public naked, why take you car in public naked. We are here to facilitate a show that will give consumers ideas and opportunities to dress up and accessorize their vehicles with today’s leading manufacturers and service providers.

Why Exhibit?

Be infront of your potential customers. Be noticed in your presence, not by your absence. If your not there, your competitors will be, make sure you have the opportunity to tell your story and sell your product.

By exhibiting at Rigs and Rides Show Inc, your sales team will interact with the warmest leads your marketing dollar can generate. Everyone coming to the show is interested in your industry. Why else would they be coming? Book your real estate in Rigs and Rides floor plan today, don’t delay- space is limited and allocated on a seniority basis.


June 3-5, 2016 Abbotsford Trade Exhibition


Tradex Abbotsford


With our team’s expertise in show production, special feature scheduling, sponsorship and space sales, we will ensure this event is the show to attend. With our media group partnerships and marketing team we will ensure that awareness and branding of the show will be executed with a variety of different media outlets (Radio, TV, Newspapers, Social Media and Industry Mediums). We are in the works with key sponsors for our show seminar stages, as well as special guest appearances that will be announced at a later time. We are securing a variety of special features over the 3 day event, that will offer something to excite each member of the household to attend this event, rain or shine. This will provide our exhibitors with a high attendance (est 15,000+) and our attendees an event to remember.