Consumer Facts

  • In BC there are almost 3.4 million registered Vehicles (including road vehicles, off road, construction, farm, motorcycles and mopeds)
  • It is estimated that 70 to 75 percent of all vehicle repairs in Canada are performed by Independent Repair Facilities (IRFs), with the remainder going to dealerships.
  • Consumers face particular challenges in ensuring value for their money when requiring services such as car repairs. Many consumers have limited knowledge in this area, and may be unable to assess the work that is presented as required.
  • Transportation costs are of significant importance to Canadian households. Average transportation expenditures per household were virtually the same as food expenditures in 1986, and have since then always exceeded the amount spent on food. Buying a vehicle, for example, often represents the second largest transaction for a number of consumers, after the purchase of a home.
  • In 2002, transportation for the average household represented costs of $8431, compared to $3271 in 1982, for an average annual growth rate of 4.8 percent.