Rules & Regulations

Shows often appear to have a lot of rules and regulations. The reason is to provide a fair and level “playing field” on the show floor for all exhibitors. In this section we will highlight some of the very important rules that pertain to the Rigs and Rides Show. It is necessary that all exhibitors adhere to these guidelines to avoid problems and conflicts on site. Thank you for your co-operation.

Please note that the reverse side of your exhibit space contract outlines the Show Terms, Rules and Regulations. Also the section titled “Display Guidelines” is also a binding part of your space agreement. Please read these guidelines.

Aisle Space

Aisle space may not be used for exhibit purposes, or for general solicitation of business. Distribution of literature or other exhibit material is forbidden outside the immediate exhibit area.


No animals are permitted in Rigs and Rides Show except as part of an exhibit, activity or performance, approved by Show Management that legitimately requires the use of animals. Seeing Eye dogs and hearing impaired dogs are accepted. Such animals or pets must be on a leash, within a pen, or under similar controls at all times. The owner takes full responsibility for his/her own pet.

Booth Cleaning/Janitorial

Show Management provides daily janitorial service to aisles and common areas. If you require general and/or special booth cleaning (scrap containers, vacuuming, shampooing), you may either clean/vacuum your own display or order the service from Levy Show Show Services or Tradex.

Booth Materials

Decorative covers or booths shall be flame proofed or properly treated with a flame-retardant chemical.
If the following materials are used for display or decorative purposes, they must be flame retardant or, in case of natural foliage, treated with an anti-dormant spray:

  • Artificial flowers
  • Artificial/natural foliage
  • Plastic materials
  • Paper, cardboard or compressed paperboard
  • Textiles
  • Any other material used for festive decoration

Wallpaper is permitted if pasted securely to walls or wallboard backing.
The following materials may be used indoors under certain circumstances with special permission:

  • Straw and hay
  • Acetate fabrics
  • Corrugated paper
  • Flammable liquid
  • Paper backed foil
  • Combustible material used for covering tables or for skirting tables

It is necessary to flameproof textiles, paper and other combustible merchandise on display. This may be limited to an acceptable quantity.

Carpet Tape

Use of guaranteed residue-free double-sided carpet tape must be used to ensure your company does not incur cleaning charges. Approved tape will also be sold by LEVY on-site during all move-in days.

Damage To Premises

Exhibitors are liable for any damage to Tradex, its equipment or furnishings, including nail holes, spilled paint, defacing, breakage, etc. The exhibitor is also liable for the removal of any adhesive tapes or materials from property.

Electrical Services

Temporary electrical services are an exclusive service provided by Global Convention Services. Services cannot be shared between exhibitors. All electrical equipment used, offered for sale or displayed must show a label or mark of a certification organization acceptable to the Electrical Safety Branch of the City of Abbotsford.

The Electrical Protection Brand, BC Department of Labour requires that all electrical equipment must be approved before it is lawfully advertised, displayed, offered for sale, sold, or otherwise disposed of or used in the Province of British Columbia. It is, therefore the responsibility of each exhibitor to ensure that all electrical equipment in, on, or about their booth comply with the above regulations.

For certification of electrical equipment, please contact:
Canadian Standards Association
13799 Commerce Parkway
Richmond, BC V6V 2N9
Telephone 604 244 6652
Fax 604 244 6508

The approval of the Association is acceptable to all electrical inspection authorities in Canada. You are referred to them for details of procedure.

All operating electrical equipment must have necessary approvals (C.S.A.) and may be required to have a permit for its installation.

Exhibitor Conduct

Show Management reserves the right to refuse admission to the Show facility to any exhibitor, or exhibitor’s employee who, in the opinion of Show Management, is unfit, intoxicated, or is in any way creating a disruption to the show.

Fire Hose Cabinets & Fire Exits

Displays may not block, impede or obstruct a fire exit from view. Should the sight line of such exits be affected, Tradex’s Director of Fire & Safety may provide alternative plans. Displays may not restrict access to or obstruct from view any fire hose cabinet, fire hydrant or fire department connection.

Floor Coverings

All exhibit areas visible to the public are required to have floor coverings (carpet, tiles, plastic, etc…). All floor coverings are to be installed without trip hazards (such as lumps, loose edges, raised edges, etc.). Edges need to be secured using approved carpet tape (see below).

As much as possible, cables should be placed under highly visible cable mats/runners or secured overhead. Where cables are placed on top of floors/carpet or under carpets the trip hazard needs to be highlighted so that they may be seen and secured in place. Large cables should have ramps in place and single steps, change in floor level or low level protruding display parts should be highlighted using signage or bright coloured tape.

Fuel Tanks/Batteries at Tradex

No fuel may be stored in portable containers. Vehicles or equipment cannot contain more than one-quarter tank of gasoline of fuel and must be inoperable, e.g. battery and/or ignition disconnected. Fuel caps must be taped or locked shut, drip pans are required while inside the facility.

Giveaways, Draws & Promotions

Exhibitors are encouraged to offer promotional prizes as a means to encourage sales of displayed products or services. Programs of this nature must be “free entry” or offered as “added value” in conjunction with an immediate product or service purchase. Entrants must be able to enter the contest without purchasing an admission ticket to the Rigs and Rides Show, in order to comply with BC Lottery Corp.

Raffles and contests requiring a “payment to win” or for “fundraising” purposes are not permitted without the expressed written permission of Show Management.


Neither Show Management nor the building owners will accept responsibility for injury to persons, loss of, or damage to, products, exhibits, equipment or decorations, by fire, accident, theft, or any other causes while in the building. Exhibitors, or their agents, must provide adequate insurance for their own personnel, the public exhibits and materials against all such hazards. EVEN THOUGH WE HAVE SECURITY ON DUTY, the Rigs and Rides Show, and Tradex WILL NOT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE OF MERCHANDISE DURING THE MOVE-IN, SHOW, OR MOVE-OUT.

Latecomers/No Shows

Any space not claimed and occupied or for which special arrangements have not been made prior to 10am opening day may be resold or re-assigned by Show Management, without obligation on the part of the Rigs and Rides Show for any refund whatsoever. PLEASE CONTACT US ON-SITE IF YOU HAVE A LAST MINUTE EMERGENCY!!!! If you cannot move into your display prior to 10am opening day, please call Show Management and make special arrangements.


Material Handling & Equipment

Rigs and Rides Show Inc provides limited material handling at Tradex. Show Management will absorb the cost of unloading goods to a specific display area. For individual special needs, exhibitors are advised to contact show management of any forklift requirements no less than 14 days prior to move in.

Mechanical Conveyances

Mechanical conveyances such as electric carts, scooters or bicycles will not be allowed in the aisles during the Show hours. The only exception to this rule will be in the case of handicapped persons visiting the Show and in the case of authorized Show duty staff.

Move-In, Move-Out – No Children

For safety reasons during the move-in/out segments, children under 16 yeas of age are prohibited in the building (this includes infants). This precaution is taken during the move-in/out segments as there are vehicles operating in the Tradex, including forklifts and machinery that are dangerous to the inexperienced.

Move-Out Regulations

No exhibitor may commence to dismantle, pack or remove any part of his or her display until 5:01pm on Sunday, June 5, 2016.

All goods and displays must be removed from the facility by 12pm on Monday, June 6 2016.

Any exhibitor material remaining within the premises of Tradex after 12pm on Monday, June 6 2016 will be removed and placed in storage at the exhibitor’s expense.

WARNING: THEFTS MAY OCCUR DURING the confusion of move-out, especially between 5pm to 10:00pm on Sunday. Watch your display carefully. If you do not dismantle Sunday evening, please pack and remove smaller and move valuable items.

No vehicles will be allowed entry or exit to/from the facility until the aisle carpet has been rolled up and the masking tape has been removed. This usually takes approximately 1 hour after show closing.


Tradex will invoice any exhibitor, or show participant, for the removal of any material left behind after the scheduled move-out period of the show.

Motorized Vehicles

Motorized vehicles (cars, trucks, SUV’s, ATV’s) are permitted in the Show, however are subject to the Show Manager’s approval.


Exhibitors may bring their own live plants and other similar decorations or they are available from LEVY. Please refer to the Display Services Order Form.


Plumbing services are provided exclusively by Tradex. Cold water and limited hot water service is available. Due to restricted access to water sources, it is crucial that all plumbing requirements are ordered in advance of the move-in for the show.

Products Exhibited

All products exhibited must be related to the automotive industry. A sampling of non-automotive related product representing a company’s other divisions may be approved by show management in advance. Other products will be limited to one item from each non-automotive category, and may not exceed 20% of the exhibit space.

Exhibit contents are limited to those products identified and approved on the show contract, and approved by the manufacturer.

Exhibitors may show automotive related products which they manufacture, distribute or retail. Where other related products are required for demonstration purposes, exhibitors must secure permission in writing from Show Management.

Projection And Sound Equipment

Audio Visual equipment must be kept at sound levels which do not interfere with other exhibitors. Large screen audio visual presentations must be designed and regulated such that the viewing audience is contained within the confines of the rented exhibit space only.

Safety Measures

Every exhibitor is responsible for the protection of the public as it relates to any hazard that exists within the exhibit space, i.e. shock, electrocutions, heat, fire, sharp objects, machinery, etc. Adequate screening or protection must be in place and Show Management reserves the right to declare any exhibit unsafe and order its correction or removal.

Lack of such declaration does not release the exhibitor from final responsibility for any harm or damage to the public and/or their property.

Solicitation Prohibited

Solicitation in the aisles is strictly prohibited.

Staffing Exhibits

Exhibitors are required to maintain staff in their exhibits at ALL times during the hours of the show. The buying public is on the floor until the last minute of the show and expects exhibitors to be present. Security is an added problem when exhibits are not manned.

Storage & Shipping

Be sure to identify all crates with your company name, Booth Number and floor level.


No exhibitor may sublet any portion of his allocated exhibit space to another supplier or dealer without the expressed written consent of show management.