Toyota Canada Presents Jamie Davis from Highway Through Hell!

Jamie Davis

Debuting in September 2012 on the Discovery Channel, Highway Thru Hell has become a hit reality TV show that follows the operations of Jamie Davis Motor Trucking, a heavy vehicle rescue and recovery towing company based in Hope, British Columbia. The show focuses on the hardships of operating along the highways of the BC Interior, especially the Coquihalla Highway which is notorious for rapidly changing weather and big wrecks.

Born and bred into the towing business, Jamie Davis is the owner of Jamie Davis Motor Trucking. Recently expanding into Alberta, Jamie, his team, and fleet of trucks are split between the two provinces, leaving less time for the company helmsman to do what he loves most, driving and operating his pride and joy – the Rotator.

Fans and attendees can meet Jamie at the show at the following times:

  • Friday, June 3: 4pm – 7pm
  • Saturday, June 4: 12pm – 5pm

Stop by the display of famed trucks to hear directly from Jamie on what it takes be a Heavy Rescue operator in one of the most vicious environments in the world!

Rockford Fosgate SoundLab

It’s always better the first time! At least that’s how we remember it…first car, first significant other and the first encounter with a REAL car audio system. Fact or fiction you could debate for days but the reality of it is you’ll never forget the day you experience, for the first time, twelve 15” subwoofers in a bone crushing pressure chamber… and you’ll never forget that day the black and red pirate ship, technically known as the SoundLab, delivered it.

Pressure Chamber

Driven by an Apple® interface the PRESSURE CHAMBER features (12) PUNCH series P3 15” subwoofers (P3D2-15) that are driven by (3) POWER 2,500 Watt Class-bd Constant Power amplifiers (T2500-1bdCP) that produce over 7,500 watts of power. The sound stage features (4) pairs of Rockford Fosgate’s POWER T1 series 6.5” 2-way component speakers (T1652-S). In conjunction with an LED light show and choreographed media, the Pressure Chamber is designed for an all-out full throttle demonstration, and is not for the faint of heart delivering an experience like never before.

The Lab

There have been demo vehicles built to showcase manufactured products before, however they never gave the consumer the option to know what it would sound like in their own vehicle. This became one of the most important features of the SoundLab; to have a complete mobile Lab on board. The Lab allows the technician to install a complete Rockford Fosgate sound system into a car in a matter of minutes, giving a live demonstration of a POWER, PUNCH or PRIME system. Pre-loaded sub enclosures with 10” or 12” subwoofers, and component full range speakers for the front built into satellite pods connected to a bank of amplifiers let you select between 800 to 2,100 watts in a matter of minutes. The Lab gives customers a first hand experience with RF in their own vehicle.

Thanks to the help of the team at 604 Autosound, the Rockford Fosgate’s SoundLab will be onsite at the inaugural Rigs & Rides Show. “Experience” the SoundLab at the main entrance to the show.

Optimus Prime Tribute

In January of 2015, Chinook Scaffold’s owner – Mike Moore initiated a challenging project – create a custom hauler that turns heads as it travels to construction sites throughout Western Canada.

He wanted a machine to create smiles for those who caught a glimpse of it as it travels the highways, stops at job sites, and makes the occasional stop for photo ops for the kids. This undertaking has been a challenge for the Chinook Team and suppliers, but the extraordinary result is a testament to all who went the extra mile throughout the process to bringing this project to life. The ultimate tribute to Optimus Prime, the iconic figure of the Transformers franchise.

Starting with a factory fresh 2016 Peterbilt in March 2015, the transformation began at the Prince George Peterbilt shop with the team pulling apart the brand new truck in order to customize and install an array of specially chosen pieces.

With all the new shiny bits ‘n pieces in place, the truck made its way from central BC to the custom paint shop at Rags to Riches in Surrey where the fun really began. All the new shiny bits that were so painstakingly added were pulled off and the new paint shine was stripped away.

Skilled glassman, “Johhny” transformed the aftermarket front fenders into something even cooler – bobbing the tails to give them that ol’ skool look and making them flow with the body.

With the body is prepped, “Marty” gets to work on the flames. Pulling out his fine line tape and years of experience, he curls the tape around our custom graphics like a painter with a brush, flowing with each curve. Making things a little more challenging, the striping was airbrushed in with pearl to make them POP!

After all the striping work, the flames are reverse masked to protect the stunning pearl blue from the next stage – the gold! And making the candy paint dance in the light is all about the base colour. Coat after coat of the rich metallic gold was carefully applied to the huge panels, ensuring it goes down even and consistent.

With all the gold laid in and flashed up, the finesse work commenced. The building up of the many passes of transparent candy colors required years of experience behind the paint gun. The even blending of the candy red to orange to yellow/gold in just the right amount of paint and speed requires a master’s touch, which is where Marty steps in. One too many passes – the red goes too dark. Uneven pattern and the paint will show “tiger stripes”.

After many, many hours of sanding, painting, masking, more painting, more masking and yet more painting, the moment of truth arrives.

Colours are perfect, blends are absolutely amazing and the candy dances and changes hues in the light. A little more dry time and the multiple layers of clear coat were applied. Once fully cured, the whole truck was sanded once again and buffed out to a perfect shine before the team could install all the shiny bits and fenders.

With all that fancy paint, there was no settling for a stock hood ornament! From a solid 6”x 6”x12” block of aircraft grade aluminium and a rough pencil sketch, the truck’s crowning jewel is CNC milled to perfection, then machined, fitted and finished.

As a true “working class” display of what’s possible in the automotive customization world, this 2016 “Pete 389” will blow away the minds of auto enthusiasts and have the kids believing that Optimus Prime really does exist.

Make sure to visit the Chinook and Rags to Riches teams and capture a picture for yourself!

Now, a little less talk’n and let’s get to truck’n.

Red Truck Beer Company is the official Beer of the Rigs and Rides Show

Red Truck Beer, The Freshest Beer on Four Wheels

Founded in 2005, Red Truck Beer Co. is one of BC’s premier craft breweries, winning numerous awards for its outstanding, carefully brewed beers. Built on the values of a simpler time, when a handshake was a contract and beer was always brewed honestly, by everyday, hardworking people.

The Gemstone Nitrous Lounge
Eat! Drink! Socialize!

Introducing a totally new concept in the Landscape Supply Industry; Gemstone offers distinct and unique product lines - many of which are new to British Columbia. Gemstone has teamed up with leading companies in the landscape industry in order to bring you quality options for expanding your living space. Our boutique style showroom is provocative and inspiring, and one of the few landscape showrooms in North America.

Gemstone is famously known for their production of the ‘Grid Iron Deck’ on level 4 of BC Place during the BC Lions home games. They created the go to destination and an event within an event production, including live DJ, entertainment, full service bar, contests all within a beautiful custom built outdoor oasis in doors. The Grid Iron Deck was complete paving stone floor and walls, custom built bar, concrete counter tops, custom lighting, water feature and plants. We are thrilled to experience the Gemstone Nitrous Lounge at the inaugural Rigs and Rides Show, and invite you and all your friends to come enjoy.

There’s something about the smell of smoky, burnt rubber just laid down on the asphalt, fresh air as you cross waist deep rivers in the forests, or the taste of mud as it sprays into your face from your tires. The list of sensory triggers ignited by the passion for anything on wheels is endless.

Odds are you’ve created memories of the open road, racing, sledding, quad’ing, wheeling…(you get the drift)… with great friends. The team at the Rigs & Rides Show have teamed up with Gemstone Masonry and the Red Truck Beer Company to create an area dedicated to reliving those special trips and outings and making plans for new adventures, with new toys and freshly customized rides.

As the show’s central socializing hub, The Nitrous Lounge is the best place to gather your senses as you navigate through the exciting lineup of the newest and most innovative product and accessory displays for all things on wheels! With so much to see and do at the show, this is the best meeting point to start, and finish, your visit to the show!

So grab your favorite drink from the custom-built bar, order up a sizzling snack, and your favorite drink of choice while you take in the tunes. This is where memories are made, projects are dreamed up, and the thirst for adventure is fulfilled!

The Nitrous Lounge, just past the food court concessions in the Tradex!

Pat Chessell

In the Gemstone Nitrous Lounge, offering live entertainment Friday 1:15PM -7:15PM and Saturday 1:15PM - 7:15PM.

Pat Chessell has been touring the Lower Mainland for the last 15 years as a professional musician and has proven himself a hit with audiences due to his high energy, dynamic guitar playing, and passionate vocals. A highly versatile musician, Pat not only plays solo but also as frontman of Western Canada’s premier Celtic act, The Pat Chessell Band. He also has been working on a side project known as The Swingin’ Teardrops ­ a country/rockabilly act reminiscent of the music of Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly.

Besides pubs and clubs, he has also performed at some of Western Canada’s most prestigious festivals including The Fusion Festival at Holland Park, Harmony Arts Music Festival and Canadian Rockies East Coast Kitchen Party. He has also toured in Ontario, Quebec, New York and his ancestral home of Ireland.

He has two albums to his credit and has released singles to country radio. For more details, please visit www.patchessell.com.

Ladies Lane presented by Opal Spa & Laser

There’s something about the fresh look of a clean, shiny car that makes a driver feel great!

And how can we make a driver (or passenger) look as good as their whip? By teaming up with Opal Spa & Laser to create “Ladies Lane”, an all-out feature offering express ‘pit stop’ spa services for show guests.

Renowned for their experienced and educated staff and tranquil atmosphere…your experience at Ladies Lane will truly be a spa experience unlike any other… all while taking in the vast array of displays geared towards personalizing your rides.

Put yourself in the driver’s seat and make a pit stop in Ladies Lane where you can be transferred into a state of bliss.

Looking great! Feeling great! It’s time to hit the show floor and then the open road!

Opal Spa VOTED #1 SPA IN THE TRI-CITIES. Your Beauty and Wellness Experts!

Grand Prize presented by 360 Fabrication

360 Fabrication Inc. is a multifaceted top quality customizing facility that guarantees the best quality work and service. They house four different departments inside a 22,000 sq. ft. one-stop facility, the largest of its kind in Western Canada. Their experience and knowledge includes but is not limited to…

  • Car & Marine Audio Services
  • Collision Repairs
  • Restoration & Custom Cars
  • Corporate Builds